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How extraordinary to discover you, your site, and your party! Here you are speaking bold truths long lost to [by] the masses, and in Canada, no less.

I am only saddened to see evidence of individualists leaving in frustration and going to the U.S. Things here are not good, we are in the final stages of what was once said by Winston Churchill 'there will be a time when America has become socialist and Russia free'. Even as this unravels, a travesty manifests as ex-communists come to the United States and Canada to learn how to better control people.

I have been spending much time in my own 'Galt's Gulch' (yes I am a Randian, but in the sense she and I believe the same things, just as you, apparently, do; in that sense I contend we are not 'followers of Ayn Rand' but believers in the same principles she stated so well*). Discovering you, it might be reasonable to conclude that through your efforts Canada will become superior to the United States in the coming Millennium and it will be Canada the productive will call home.

Please retain your exceptional sanity; while under attack from those who call you totalitarian, fascist, right-wing and all the myriad expressions they themselves obviously do not understand (Individualism = fascism???; Avowed abhorrence of controlling others = totalitarianism??????) The only credible criticism they may gain of your philosophy and platform with such logic(ill) is drug related.

I will stay in touch and find a way to help you, as you know that is only helping myself. Intelligent Generosity and Altruism is, after all, the ultimate expression of selfishness, helping others worthy; helping as an investment in humanity not a gift, our individual products being the only possible true gift.

Warm Regards from one less alone.

H. Bruce Hartgers,, August 8, 1999

*BTW: not to let 'the Cat out of the Bag' but you may soon see "Atlas Shrugged" on film from a major studio. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of one woman who will have to remain anonymous for not too much longer, I hope.

Hello Bruce! Thanks for the comments and valuable insights. I hope you plan to keep in touch in the future. Any time you're ready to let the 'cat out of the bag', please let us know. This sounds like great news.

Originally published: Freedom Flyer 34

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