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You people are way off the mark. We need strong governments to enforce laws to maintain a civil society. Your ideas [about] gun control are just plain ludicrous. I don't know of one gun owner who has ever defended themselves with a firearm. I have known many who are law abiding citizens who have either shot themselves or shot someone else while drunk.

If you believe in responsibility so much then how come the stock market is only responsible to the shareholder and no one else? Come on, think about it. A company can take all its profit and plow it into the stock market and forget about the people on the shop floor.

Taxes are user fees. Who do you think supplies our health care, roads, sewers, infrastructure, public broadcasting? We should have government run banking.

Yes I am a socialist. Without strong legislation and a strong enforcer we end up with a capitalist system that has a few rich people and mostly wealthy people. I say tax the shit out of the stock market trades. The record breaking Dow Jones hasn't increased my standard of living for me or my neighbour. Our health care isn't the greatest, but a least it serves everyone instead of mostly everyone.

You guys are just sluts for votes like all the rest of the political parties. If you really don't like paying taxes, move to a country where they don't have them. Sierra Leone perhaps. I bet they also don't have gun laws.

Please don't reply.

Anthony Sinn, August 10, 1999

No reply necessary. [rm]

Originally published: Freedom Flyer 34

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