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Greetings and salutations! My name is Andrew Boulton and I am currently a Freedom Party supporter. I want to tell you right off the bat, I think you are doing a fine job in the defense of individual rights. I first learned about Fp while doing research for an essay about unions for a political science course I took during my first year at York (two years ago), and I came across an article written by Lloyd Walker on your website. I read it and incorporated a couple of its ideas into my essay. I also followed the link at the bottom of the essay to the issues index, and found all sorts of articles on a wide variety of issues, and I found that they matched my views. (For many years I've been a small-l libertarian.)

Over the next few weeks and months, I eventually read almost every article in every back issue of Freedom Flyer and Consent. I want to thank you for putting such excellent reading material online for anyone to see. I especially like Robert Metz's straight-from-the shoulder writing style. I wish I could get the radio show Mr. Metz hosts. I also want to say that, as someone who has surfed the Web for four years, your site is very well designed, with links at the bottom of every page leading to the issues index and articles and so forth, and I liked it when you put the calendar on your site. I also read the ont.politics newsgroup (and post sometimes) and enjoy seeing posts from Jack and Lloyd.

Anyway, I am enclosing [a donation] because Freedom Party is a party that I think does the best job of speaking out for our individual rights here in Ontario. I would also like to become a member! I might not be living in Canada for much longer, but while I'm still here I might as well contribute in a small way towards the effort to dismantle socialism and statism.

Anyway, that's enough about me. :-) Keep up the good work, and never give up. Remember the words of John W. Scoville: "No cause is helpless if it is just. Errors, no matter how popular, carry the seeds of their own destruction." Can't wait to see the next issue of Freedom Flyer!

Andrew P. Boulton,
TORONTO, Ontario, July 1999

Thanks once again for both your financial support and your kind comments. The radio show to which you refer, 'Left, Right & Center', is actually hosted by Jim Chapman, but Mr. Metz is a regular, ostensibly representing a 'right-wing' viewpoint. Since the election, his new regular opponent (ostensibly representing the 'left') is former Attorney General of Ontario and London Centre MPP Marion Boyd. For those interested, audio taped copies of the show are available through Freedom Party. Contact us for details.

By the way, Freedom Party members and supporters who move out of Ontario can still remain contributing members and supporters. We have many out of province supporters and subscribers, even though they cannot claim a tax credit. The work Freedom Party does is universally applicable, and our website is visited by a world- wide audience that is at least ten times larger than the number of our Canadian visitors. Donations and subscriptions we receive from non-Ontario residents all goes towards our global education efforts. [rm]

Originally published: Freedom Flyer 34

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