Paul McKeever, Leader of the Freedom Party of Ontario

Leader's Message

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Like you, I love living in Ontario. However, the province has seen better days.

Ontario was once a major producer of goods. Commercial and industrial activity was so vibrant that it strained our electrical resources. Just four elections later - all of them won by the Ontario Liberals - much of that activity has moved away. While tax increases, climate-fighting, regulations and wage controls have continued to kill-off private-sector jobs by the tens of thousands, we have heard on the news that, meanwhile, government employees are getting wage increases often better than the rate of inflation. Not infrequently, you nowadays will hear the sentiment that the only way to live comfortably in Ontario is to know the people needed to land a job working for the government.

Little wonder. Under the Liberals - who promised to govern from the "activist center" - the role and power of government has grown at an accelerating rate. To expand its power and control, it has used "identity politics" deliberately to sow the seeds of distrust among us. Women are pitted against men, and femininity pitted against "toxic" masculinity. You are no longer an individual: you are one of the "whites" or you are a "member of the black community". All hard-earned personal achievement is dishonestly derided as unearned "privilege".

It is not enough, anymore, peacefully to tolerate the beliefs or practices - whether religious, or cultural, or political - with which you personally disagree. Now, the government requires you to accord the same high regard to all beliefs and practices, even if they, to you, are completely wrong or distasteful. Nobody can be right: everything must merely be someone's opinion. Nothing can be better or worse: only different.

Worse, it has come to the point that the government requires you to let another person's fantasy trump the evidence of your senses. Calling a male "Mister", or refusing to let him use the womens restroom may land you in the witness box at the Human Rights Tribunal if the male in question believes himself to be a female trapped in a male body.

The justice system itself is under attack. Your life can be destroyed by an unfounded accusation made anonymously on the nightly news, and no less than your Premier, as well as the leaders of the opposition parties in the Legislature, will praise the anonymous accusers as "brave", thereby implicitly declaring the accusations to be true. No presumption of innocence. No due process.

That same lack of respect for the law is reflected in the current government's lack of respect for the taxpayer and electricity consumer. Shameless annual deficits by the Liberals have made Ontario the world's most indebted sub-sovereign borrower. "Green energy" fiascos have made electricity prices soar.

In the pages that follow, I present to you a number of proposals to start the process of repairing the damage that has been done to our fair province. Underlying these proposals is a respect for reality and evidence, for the good and the better, and for every individual's freedom to pursue his or her own happiness in his or her own way. It is a respect, a vision, and a plan of action unlike those offered by the Liberals, Progressive Conservatives (PCs), or NDP.

Ideas, not party colors, change the province. The choice is clear. You can vote as you have in the past, and allow the government to continue along its current, destructive path. Or you can vote for your Freedom candidate on June 7th and make your vision for a better life in Ontario a reality. I encourage you to break with the old and, instead, try the good.

Paul McKeever
Leader of the Freedom Party of Ontario

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