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LEADER'S MESSAGE Introductory message by Freedom Party of Ontario leader Paul McKeever
"FIGHTING" CLIMATE CHANGE? A Freedom government will adapt to climate change, instead of trying to "fight" it. No carbon taxes, no cap and trade, and no other "price on carbon".
"GREEN" ELECTRICITY? A Freedom government will pull the plug on "green" wind/solar subsidies, and institute price competition in a market of private electricity retailers. No subsidies for electriccars. End the ban on incandescent lightbulbs.
Schools are for learning core skills, like reading, writing, and arithmetic. A Freedom government will take politics and social engineering out of the classroom.
UNIVERSITIES: ACADEMIC FREEDOM, FREE SPEECH and PUBLIC SAFETY A Freedom government will take steps toward restoring the role of universities as places in which any view can be expressed and heard peacefully and civilly; in which the pursuit of knowledge is not limited by religious or political concerns, or by concerns that someone might be insulted, or have their feelings hurt.
FORCED SPEECH? A Freedom government will remove from the Law Society, professional colleges, and other self-governing bodies the jurisdiction to force their members to make such political statements.
DUE PROCESS A Freedom government will introduce legislation that: (a) deems an employer to lack just cause for dismissal where the employer dismisses the employee for allegations that have not been proven by a court or provincial tribunal to be true; and (b) deems a university to lack any basis for expelling a student in response to an allegation that has not been proven true in a court or provincial tribunal.
BALANCED BUDGETS A Freedom government will introduce a balanced budget in the spring of 2019, and will continue to run on a balanced budget in each year thereafter.
A Freedom government will cancel the Wynne government's cannabis plan. A Freedom government will continue the status quo with respect to wholesale and retail operations, and with respect to vapor lounges.
ELECTION FINANCES REFORM A Freedom Government will immediately discontinue the per-vote subsidy to political parties. The ballot should be free.
ONTARIO'S POLITICAL PARTIES COMPARED One of these things is not like the others. On each issue, compare Freedom Party's position with that of the Liberals, PCs, and NDP.
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