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Freedom Party Releases 2018 Election Platform
Coincides with launch of new web site

February 13, 2018, London - Freedom Party of Ontario today released its bold 2018 provincial election platform.  The magazine-like cover of the platform features an illustration of Greek Titan Atlas, who has shrugged-off the weight of the world, and encourages the voter to shrug-off the government of Kathleen Wynne after 15 years of Liberal rule.  It is a deliberately masculine and provocative theme, delivered to an electorate that is growing weary of the excesses of climate alarmism, radical leftist feminism, identity politics, the #MeToo movement, censorship, political correctness, big government monopolies, deficit spending and notoriously heavy provincial debt.

The platform - which is available in .pdf, .html, and audio formats - addresses nine (9) main issues: climate change, electricity, elementary school curricula, free speech and academic freedom in our universities, forced speech (by the Law Society of Ontario), due process and the presumption of innocence, annual balanced budgets, provincial regulation of federally-legalized cannabis, and election finance reform. 

The platform's planks are as ruggedly bold as the platform's cover.  Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever has laid out a vision for Ontario in which the cripplingly expensive and ineffective "fight" against climate change is ended; in which the primary consideration in electricity policy is price competitiveness, not "green" energy or the charging of subsidized, battery-powered luxury cars; in which grade schools focus on instruction as opposed to "experiential learning", and dispense with Wynne's "gender agenda"; in which free speech and academic freedom is defended, with police resources and fiscal policy, from the excesses of political correctness, such as censorship and Antifa-like intimidation; in which self-governing bodies have no authority to put words into the mouths of their members; in which employees and students are accorded the presumption of innocence and due process, and are protected from the "court of public opinion"; in which deficit spending is ended; in which cannabis sales remain a function of the private sector, and a fair balance is struck between cannabis consumers and non-consumers; and in which provincial political parties no longer are financed with a $10 per-vote, tax-payer funded allowance.

McKeever explains that "Underlying these proposals is a respect for reality and evidence, for the good and the better, and for every individual’s freedom to pursue his or her own happiness in his or her own way.  It is a respect, a vision, and a plan of action unlike those offered by the Liberals, Progressive Conservatives (PCs), or NDP."

The platform deliberately makes use of the red, blue, and orange colours of the Liberal, PC, and NDP parties, to make a point.  "Ideas, not party colours, change the province", says McKeever, "The choice is clear.  You can vote as you have in the past, and allow the government to continue along its current, destructive path.  Or you can vote for your Freedom candidate on June 7th and make your vision for a better life in Ontario a reality.  I encourage you to break with the old and, instead, try the good."

The release of the platform coincides with the party's launch of its new website:

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