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Embrace Climate Change, Adapt to Its Effects

November 22, 2016 Toronto - Ontario will discard the Liberal/Progressive Conservative climate-fighting agenda if a Freedom government is elected in the June 2018 provincial general election. A first glimpse of the Freedom Party's climate and energy agenda was released today in a video featuring party leader Paul McKeever's speech to attendees of the party's recent "Embracing Climate Change" dinner event.

"We all know that climate change exists," said McKeever, who condemned the Kathleen Wynne/Patrick Brown agenda of "fighting climate change". McKeever also condemned the Liberal and Progressive Conservative plans to put a "price on carbon". He explained that a Freedom government will be offering a very different agenda on climate and energy.

"Rather than spending billions of tax dollars and destroying the economy with ineffective efforts to fight climate change," said McKeever, "a Freedom government will accept climate change...Instead of fighting climate change, we will adapt to its effects as and when needed. In other words, we will embrace climate change."

McKeever also took aim at the cronyism that, from the beginning, has been an implicit part of the Liberal government's green energy agenda. "We will continue to advocate, instead, the free market solutions that will bring down energy prices, lower or eliminate production taxes, and put an end to the cronyism that allows a handful of politically-connected people to profit from sending other Ontario residents into energy poverty."

The video precedes the release of a wide-ranging climate and energy plank that will figure prominently in the Freedom Party's 2018 election platform.

To place the entire climate change reality in perspective, McKeever's comments were punctuated, at the dinner, with a speech by Western University's Dr. Christopher Essex, a professor of Applied Mathematics who co-authored the celebrated book "Taken by Storm: The Troubled Science, Policy, and Politics of Global Warming", with Dr. Ross McKitrick in 2002.

Dr. Essex highlighted the serious harm that can be caused to our efforts to understand natural systems, and to govern properly, when ideology and politics are mixed with the hard, cold evidence and logic of science.

In addition to releasing separate videos of the McKeever and Essex speeches, Freedom Party has released a video of the entire "Embracing Climate Change" dinner, which can be watched by clicking here.

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