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Freedom Party Nominates Wayne Simmons in Scarborough-Rouge River

June 8, 2016 Toronto - Freedom Party of Ontario is pleased to announce that Wayne Simmons has been nominated its candidate in the coming by-election in the riding of Scarborough-Rouge River.

Wayne has lived most of his life in Toronto. He has a diploma in Business Administration - Marketing from Centennial College, and has continued his Public Relations education at Ryerson University - The Chang School. He works as an account manager at an international business publishing company. Wayne enjoys reading books on philosophy, history, and politics and is committed to physical health and fitness.

"Wayne Simmons will be offering voters what they cannot find in the other parties" says Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever.  "At a time when the Liberals, PCs, NDP and Greens are offering to impose new taxes on carbon, to force people to heat their homes with electricity, or to force people into using electric cars - at a time when the government is trying to squeeze-out private energy-sector competitors to government-supplied electricity - Freedom Party is opposing carbon taxes and cap-and-trade, and wants more private-sector competition for energy.  A healthcare-like government monopoly on energy is where we are headed under the Liberals, PCs or NDP.  Freedom Party supporters want the opposite: price competition in an open energy market, with competition from the private sector, energy types chosen by consumers, and no barriers to competition with government-supplied electricity.  

"In the Ontario Legislature, Wayne Simmons will speak for those who do not share the Liberal-PC-NDP agenda to use climate-fighting as an excuse to grow the government and limit personal decision making.  He will advocate adapting affordably to climate change.  He will oppose extremely expensive and ineffective attempts to prevent the climate from changing.  

"More generally, Wayne Simmons will advocate a government that better defends you from those who attempt to take your life, liberty, or property without your consent.  From personal lifestyle choices to the pursuit of financial security and personal happiness, Wayne Simmons is your candidate."  

Wayne Simmons

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About Freedom Party

Freedom Party of Ontario has been a registered political party in Ontario since 1984.  It is not affiliated or associated with other provincial parties of any name, and is not associated or affiliated with parties named "freedom party" in any other country.

Freedom Party of Ontario is in favour of government policy that is founded on physical evidence (not fear, fantasy, or uninformed speculation), that is logical (instead of whimsical), and that defends every individual's freedom to pursue his or her own happiness by rational means.  

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