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February 23, 2015, Oshawa – Freedom Party is sounding the red alert today over the Wynne government’s radical feminist redefinition of “consent” in Ontario’s new elementary and secondary sex ed curricula.  Buried in the middle of hundreds of pages of verbiage, the new sex ed curriculum states:

  • “...silence needs to be understood as no consent.” (p. 175 – Grade 1 to 8 curriculum)

  • “It’s not just that neither partner has said no. It’s about both partners saying yes.  Lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent, nor does need to remember to pay attention to body language and behaviour as well as words”  (p. 107-108 – Grade 9 to 12 curriculum)

  • “It is important to ask for consent at every stage. Consent is communicated, not assumed. You can ask your partner simple questions to be sure that they want to continue: ‘Do you want to do this?’ or ‘Do you want to stop?’” (p. 220 – Grade 1 to 8 curriculum)

The effect is to deem all sexual intimacy to be sexual assault except where the word “yes” is literally spoken, over and over again.  Physical cues are not enough, even if full, enthusiastic consent is in fact present.

“This approach to consent, which is called Affirmative Consent, is an invention radical leftist feminists in the United States, where it is currently being hotly debated” explains Freedom Party leader, Paul McKeever.  “The chief tactical goal and effect of affirmative consent is to reverse the presumption of innocence.  By deeming silence to be the same as a spoken “no”, all sexual intimacy is treated as sexual assault, even where the participants fully consent by non-verbal means. 

“As I warned the legislature via a detailed e-mail on January 21, 2015, the Wynne government intends to groom generations of children to think that this radical feminist redefinition of consent – “Affirmative Consent” - is the proper legal standard, and that the criminal law is somehow out of step or unjust.  I encourage MPPs and journalists alike to read that letter, which explains the history and aims of the de facto revolutionary step of inserting Affirmative Consent into Ontario’s elementary and secondary curriculum.

“It’s not simply that Affirmative Consent is impractical – such as requiring an additional yes to be uttered at each elusively ambiguous “next stage” of sexual intimacy.  Rather, it is designed to be so.  As its own proponents argue, affirmative consent will throw “everyday sexual practice into doubt and creat[e] a haze of fear and confusion over what counts as consent”, and “To work, ‘Yes Means Yes"’needs to create a world where men are afraid”, and “The Yes Means Yes laws creates an equilibrium where too much counts as sexual assault.” 

“This is a deliberate attack on the concept of consent; one that is designed to serve the cultural Marxist strategic aims of the radical leftist feminists who concocted it.  We need, in Ontario, to give Affirmative Consent the same scrutiny that it has been given south of the border, and to challenge the Wynne government’s quiet revolutionary act of inserting it into Ontario’s giant curriculum document while parents are distracted by concerns over other aspects of the new curriculum. 
“The redefinition of consent is the single most destructive element of the new curriculum.  In the long run, it is certain to facilitate injustice, including a replacement of the hallowed principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ with the inverted principle of ‘guilty until proven innocent’.  In the immediate term, it will endanger young children (who think that a child who says “yes” has somehow consented); it increasingly will make children associate sex with a repulsive act of violence; and in place of love, trust, and respect between the sexes, it will breed an us-versus-them atmosphere of fear, distrust, disrespect, and animosity. Those are not unintended side-effects of Affirmative Consent: they are its radical feminist goal.
“It is important, right now, for Ontarians to tell Ms Wynne and her cultural Marxist revolutionaries “no” to Affirmative Consent.  And, by “no”, we mean “no”. ” 
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