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January 12, 2015, Oshawa
Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever has objected to the Wynne government's announcement today that Ontario will give $50M to Guelph auto parts manufacturer Linamar Corp.

“One proper function of the Ontario government is to ensure that nobody is looted by his neighbour”, said McKeever.  “The Wynne government instead is offering to do the looting for one of our neighbours”.

The Toronto Star’s Robert Benzie today quoted Linamar’s Linda Hasenfratz as saying that "There's no shortage of regions that are willing to offer incentives".  “There’s no shortage of Linda Hazenfratz’s either”, replied McKeever, adding “Why, virtually anyone with a palm to turn upwards will do.”

In early May of 2006, Linamar’s faulty parts resulted in shut-downs of several Ford Plants.  It faced the potential of having to pay Ford millions.  The McGuinty government that month announced that it was handing Linamar $44.5M.  Freedom Party’s Paul McKeever issued a media release at the time rejecting the move.  Although Linamar did not know it in May of 2006, Ford ultimately would not require Linamar to pay it compensation for the shut-downs.  Linamar bought Ford assets 2007.

“The government should not be taking money from those who earn it, and giving it to those who do not.  Ontario should not be gifting money to any private business.  Period.  A company in need can attempt to sell shares, or to borrow, from any individual who thinks the investment is a good one.”

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