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Freedom Party says: Pull the plug on
Ontario's already-existing green energy deals

"Kathleen Wynne's Liberals are promising to forge ahead with expansion of a price-fixing scheme that sees so-called green electricity generators paid at above-market rates for electricity," says Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever. "Meanwhile, Tim Hudak's PCs and Andrea Horwath's NDPers are promising to honour the already-existing agreements for over-priced green electricity.

"Let us be perfectly clear: Freedom MPPs will demand a cancellation or neutralization of already-existing, over-priced, Liberal green energy deals that charge customers at above-market rates for electricity. The November 2013 decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal in the case of Trillium Power Wind Corporation v. Ontario (Natural Resources) has made it clear that:

"...proponents who choose to participate in discretionary government programs, such as Ontario's renewable energy program, do so primarily at their own risk. Governments may alter the policies that underlie a program, and may even alter or cancel such programs, in a manner that may be fully lawful and immune from civil suit even if individual participants suffer damage from such alteration or cancellation." - summary by Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

"The Court of Appeal's decision is in accord with common sense. When elected officials have erroneously, falsely, or self-servingly entered into contracts that will result in the province's economic suicide, our courts will not require a subsequently-elected government to honour the previous government's agreement for the province to receive an economic lethal injection.

"The Liberal green energy plan is not merely threatening to raise prices further. It already has raised prices to the point that Ontario's economy is being gutted, and its consumers are being looted. Freedom Party condemns the unified Liberal/PC/NDP stand that favours honouring all of the already-existing agreements to pay electricity generators at above-market fixed prices for electricity. A Freedom government will restore affordable electricity by pulling the plug on already-existing, over-priced, Liberal green energy deals.

"Those who entered into too-good-to-be-true deals with the Liberal government knew that they were entering into once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to skin the electricity consumer. They will not be surprised that the deals were, in fact, too-bad-to-be-honoured. They will not be surprised that a Freedom government will pull the plug on the corrupt deals they made with the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals."

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