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Liberal, PC, and NDP targeted in campaign-long
TV and radio ad campaign launched today by Freedom Party

"Voters are paying a lot more attention to Freedom Party these days", says Freedom Party leader, Paul McKeever. "Hardly a day goes by anymore, especially in southwestern Ontario, without callers telling talk radio hosts that they will be voting for their Freedom Party candidate.

"People are feeling betrayed, and taken for granted, by the Liberals, PCs, and New Democrats. A party that proposes simultaneously to create one million jobs and to put 100,000 people out of work - like Tim Hudak's Progressive Conservative party - creates a destructive cynicism in our democratic system. People are angered or insulted by the observation that such politicians now think them naive enough to believe in such ridiculous proposals.

"The Freedom Party is building a reputation for telling things like they are, and I think that is why people are now talking so openly and frequently about voting for their Freedom Party candidate. From day one, we have been consistent in our message, and we have done the heavy lifting needed to find a way out of the problems that face Ontario: for the last three years, Freedom Party has been the only registered party to put forward - to all MPPs - a detailed plan credibly to balance the budget.

"This commercial tells voters about Freedom Party's unique focus: restoring trust in government by balancing the budget this year and every year - without massive job cuts - and restoring affordable electricity by pulling the plug on already-existing over-priced Liberal green energy schemes, without a penalty. We're reasonably certain that it is going to raise eyebrows, and show voters why they should vote for their FP candidate."


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