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- From the desk of Paul McKeever, party leader -


To the 107 Members of the Ontario Legislature

Dear Members of the Ontario provincial Legislature:

Re: Freedom Party of Ontario's 2013 Opposition Budget

As the time approaches to draft and debate Ontario's 2013 budget, I submit to you, for your consideration, Freedom Party of Ontario's proposed 2013 Opposition Budget for the province.

The Opposition Budget proposes a distinctly different course of action than that which otherwise might be proposed in the government's spring budget:

- a balanced budget in 2013 and thereafter;
- competition and efficiency in health care insurance and delivery;
- major individual and corporate tax relief;
- merging Ontario's many consumption taxes into the CRA-collected HST;
- health care protection for those of lesser means; and
- a tax regime that will make Ontario North America's #1 jurisdiction for earning and production.

Freedom Party's Opposition Budget is not a vague collection of suggestions to "eliminate waste" and "cut red tape". It is not a plan to balance the budget by freezing wages and other expenses while waiting for monetary expansion and wage/price inflation to inflate tax revenues and reduce the budget deficit five or ten years from now. It is not a plan that requires the government to suspend good faith bargaining or freedom of contract with government employees. It is a plan that lays all of the essential numbers on the table, and addresses the elephant in the room: the unsustainable and escalating costs resulting from the Ontario government's health insurance monopoly.

I respectfully request that the government and the opposition parties read Freedom Party's 2013 Opposition Budget and consider the necessity of restoring competition in health insurance so as to neutralize the chief cause of Ontario's budget deficits.


Paul McKeever, B.Sc.(Hons), M.A., LL.B.
Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario

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