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September 6, 2011 Toronto - On the eve of the Ontario provincial election, the Freedom Party of Ontario is proud to announce its slate of London-riding candidates.  "In London, it's truly a matter of Liberal-Tory same old story", says Freedom Party leader, Paul McKeever.  "Our candidates are running on a very attractive election platform, with planks that Ontario voters have been demanding for years, but that the Liberals, Tories and NDP refuse to deliver".

Mary Lou Ambrogio (photo) is the Freedom Party of Ontario's candidate in London North Centre.  Mary Lou is a former President for federal conservatives' constituency association in London West.  She was the federal Conservatives' candidate in London-Fanshawe in 2008.  Most noteworthy is the fact that she was the campaign manager for the provincial Progressive Conservatives' London North Centre candidate in the Ontario provincial election of 2007.  "Frankly", explains Ms Ambrogio, "the Progressive Conservatives have sunken to the point of mimicking the provincial Liberals in everything except party name and party colours.  The McGuinty Liberals have to go, it's true.  But Ontario cannot afford to replace the McGuinty Liberals with Tim Hudak liberals in blue cloth".

Tim Hodges (photo) is the Freedom Party of Ontario's candidate in London West.  A long-time supporter of the federal Conservatives and, formerly, of the provincial Progressive Conservatives, he has been taking the Freedom Party's message of lower taxes and common sense election planks to London West doorsteps for months.  "What I'm hearing", says Tim, "is that people are not looking for Liberals in Progressive Conservative clothing.  When I tell them about the Freedom Party's election planks - like affordable electricity, eliminating the gasoline tax, and allowing people to buy wine and beer in grocery and convenience stores - I get a very warm welcome.  One lady was literally visibly shaking with excitement at the news that our promise to eliminate the gasoline tax would take 16.6 cents per litre off of the price at the pump, taking into account also the HST that is charged on the gasoline tax".

Dave Durnin (photo) is the Freedom Party's London-Fanshawe candidate.  "The Freedom Party continues to take a responsible stand on the big issues like electricity prices, education, and health care", explains Dave.  "But we are also offering a considerable variety of fixes to several of the smaller problems that only the Freedom Party is willing to fix, such as eliminating Dalton McGuinty's ban on Health Canada-approved pesticides, and eliminating the hidden beer tax, which would reduce the price of 24 beer by as much as $5.76."

Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever (photo) is the party's candidate in Elgin-Middlesex-London.  Former Liberal Speaker of the House Steve Peters has decided against running again in this election.  The 15 year employment lawyer is the principal author of the Freedom Party's 18-plank election platform which promises, among other things, that a Freedom government would make price - rather than fighting climate change - priority one in electricity policy; that a Freedom government would make driving more convenient and affordable by eliminating the 14.7 cent/litre gasoline tax, allowing only at-fault drivers to suffer an insurance premium increase, and increasing the speed limit to 120 km/h on Ontario's 400-series highways; that a Freedom government would allow beer and wine to be purchased in grocery and convenience stores, and eliminate the hidden beer and wine taxes introduced in 2010; that a Freedom government would eliminate organized religious practice in our public schools and legislature; etc..  "For the first time ever, the Freedom Party will be running candidates in so many ridings that it is capable of forming a majority government", says McKeever.  "There is a great deal of disappointment with the fact that the Progressive Conservatives have devolved into being just a blue copy of the McGuinty Liberals.  But there is hope.  The Freedom Party is offering common sense solutions to the various problems facing Ontario that no other party is willing to address.  The time to vote Freedom is now."

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Paul McKeever, Leader - Freedom Party of Ontario
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