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Ontario Highway Speed Limit to be Raised to 120 kph

A Freedom government will bring speed limits back into line with normal traffic speeds on Ontario's 400 series highways

June 13, 2011 Toronto
- Every day, on long stretches of Ontario's 400 series highways, traffic is moves at approximately 120 kph, even though the posted speed limit is 100 kph.  A 2011 election plank released today by Freedom Party of Ontario calls for the speed limit on the 401, 400, and other 400-series highways to be increased to 120 kph.
The plank is being promoted with a new 30-second pre-election video advertisement, also released today, which is available here.

(Click on the Image to Watch the Video)

"In 1973" explains Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever, "Arab oil-producing countries reduced the supply of oil and raised its price, in an attempt to make western foreign policy anti-Israeli and pro-Arab.  The U.S. responded by imposing a number of gasoline rationing measures.  One such emergency measure was a lowering highway speed limits to 55 miles per hour in an attempt to increase the fuel efficiency of car travel.  In 1976, Ontario's Progressive Conservatives followed the U.S. lead, dropping the speed limits on Ontario's 400 series highways from about 113 kph to the current 100 kph. 

"The U.S.A. repealed its emergency speed limit legislation in 1995.  However, Ontario is still stuck with the Progressive Conservatives' old emergency speed limit of 100 kph, despite the fact that traffic on the 400 series highways normally moves at approximately 120 kph. 

"A Freedom government will restore sensible speed limits, bringing them into line with actual practice on Ontario's 400 series highways".

For further details, contact:

Paul McKeever, Leader - Freedom Party of Ontario

e-mail: pmckeever@freedomparty.on.ca

Freedom Party has been releasing 2011 election planks since early October of 2010. A complete list of the planks released so far can be viewed here. Freedom Party has also released a number of pre-election video ads to promote its planks. They all can be viewed on Freedom Party's youtube channel, https://www.youtube.com/fpontario .



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