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Cannabis Medicine Dispensaries Part of Ontario's Health Care System

Freedom Party releases fourth 2011 provincial election plank in as many weeks

November 2, 2010 Toronto - Safe, clean, and properly operated medical cannabis dispensaries (also known as "compassion clubs") should be made a recognized part of Ontario's health care system. So says a 2011 election plank issued today by Freedom Party of Ontario. The plank is being promoted with a new pre-election video ad.

"Ten years have passed since Ontario's Court of Appeal declared that laws against the medicinal use of cannabis are unconstitutional", said party leader Paul McKeever, who today gave a speech about the plank at Toronto's Vapor Central cannabis lounge. "For ten years, all of the focus of Progressive Conservative and Liberal administrations has been on choking off the supply of cannabis. There has been an utter failure to accommodate the ruling by ensuring that Ontario's patients have safe, convenient access to the cannabis medicines they need. A Freedom government will implement the needed changes. It will make properly operated cannabis medicine centres a recognized part of Ontario's health care system. It will change the role of police: instead of raiding compassion clubs, police will have the responsibility of defending them, and of educating the public about the legality of cannabis for medicinal use. Physicians will gain statutory protection, so that they can prescribe cannabis to their patients, when appropriate, without fearing the loss of their licence to practice, or the loss of their errors and omissions insurance. And the proceeds from the sale of property seized in relation to alleged cannabis offences will be put into a Compassion Fund. The money will be spent not the war on cannabis, but on funding the medical and legal needs of Ontario's patients, and those of their medicine suppliers."

Freedom Party's cannabis dispensary plank follows the October 12th release of its affordable electricity plank (corresponding video ad here), the October 18th release of its plank on electronic voting (corresponding video ad here), and the October 27th release of its senator nominations plank (corresponding video here).

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