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Vote for Ontario's Senate Nominees 

After over 143 years, it's time to democratize the Senate, says McKeever

October 27, 2010 Toronto - Ontario voters should have the right to elect their Senate nominees. So says a 2011 election plank issued today by Freedom Party of Ontario. The plank is being promoted with a new pre-election video ad.

"Before the next Ontario provincial election, at least three of Ontario's seats in Canada's Senate will become vacant", says Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever. "If Canada is to continue having a Senate, democracy demands that Ontario voters at least be given the right to nominate the individuals who are ultimately appointed by the Governor General.

"For over 143 years, Ontario's Liberals and Progressive Conservatives have not lifted a finger to give Ontario voters a say in who governs them in the Senate. A Freedom government will give them that say."

As explained in the plank, Alberta provincial law has given voters there the power, in effect, to elect individuals to fill Alberta's 6 seats in Canada's Senate. Ontario has 24 seats. "The Alberta example demonstrates that this is a feasible system for democratizing our senate. I have every confidence that Canada's Prime Minister will continue to nurture a constitutional convention of ensuring the appointment of Senate nominees elected by a province's voters."

Freedom Party's Senate elections plank follows the October 12th release of its affordable electricity plank (corresponding video ad here) and the October 18th release of its plank on electronic voting (corresponding video ad here).

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