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Vote by Cell Phone, Telephone, or Computer 

Consent of the governed at stake, says McKeever

October 18, 2010 Toronto
 - While the provincial Liberals and Progressive Conservatives conduct their usual 
ad hominem campaigns against one another, Freedom Party of Ontario has today released a substantive 2011 provincial election plank promising to give Ontario voters the convenience of voting by cell phone, land line, or computer.  Titled "Secure, Private, Convenient Voting", the plank explains that electronic voting with a Voter Card and Personal Identification Number (PIN) would also help to level the electoral playing field, reduce in-person voter fraud (the Voter Card would feature a photo of the voter), and eliminate the expense of having Elections Ontario constantly update its voter list to reflect new voters, changes of address, and the passing away of voters.  The party also has released a video to promote its voting plank.

"With next Monday's municipal vote on everyone's mind, it's the perfect time for voters to consider the need for change to our antiquated voting system", says Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever.   

A graph in Freedom Party's 2011 election plank on voting shows voter turnout is trending quickly to less than 50% provincially.  The trend suggests that the 2011 Ontario election may be the first one in which the majority of voters decide to withhold their votes from all candidates.  

"For over 100 years, Ontario governments have been arguing that the voter gives them consent to govern us; to overtax us; to put us all deeply in debt; to violate our individual freedom", says McKeever.  "With voter turnout diving below 50%, they are about to lose that pretext for abusive government.

"The current system favours brawn over brains.  It facilitates an election won not with ideas, but with how many many workers a party has to get party loyalists out to physical polls.  Electronic voting will reduce the influence of the size of a party's workforce.  A party's ideas, rather than its manpower, will play a more prominent role in determining election outcomes.  Interest in voting will be improved.  For the good of the province, that's the way it should be."

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