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Hudak's War on Climate Change
Targeted by Pre-election Ad

Hudak would be even worse than McGuinty, says McKeever

October 12, 2010, Toronto - "The Freedom Party of Ontario is targeting Progressive Conservative opposition leader Tim Hudak in a pre-election video ad released today.  The Freedom ad condemns Hudak's plan to spend tens of billions of dollars on new nuclear power generating stations. The release of the ad coincides with the beginning of Hudak's two-week pre-election television commercial campaign.

"There is no question that Dalton McGuinty's Liberals need to be replaced in the October 2011 election" says Freedom Party leader, Paul McKeever.  "But to replace the McGuinty Liberals with Tim Hudak's Progressive Conservatives would be a shockingly painful mistake.  Hudak would be even worse than McGuinty."

The Freedom ad demonstrates that, like McGuinty, Hudak is committed to ensuring that fighting climate change is the chief concern when planning the future of Ontario's electricity system.  In response to those who want action against climate change, Hudak is promising that a Progressive Conservative government would build more nuclear power generators, which involve less CO2 emission.  With the price of a new nuclear plant hovering at about $26B, Hudak would add tens of billions of dollars to the nuclear debt racked up by previous Progressive Conservative governments.  When all of the costs of nuclear are taken into account, nuclear proves to be an extremely expensive way to generate electricity.

"A Freedom government would not spend the taxpayer's money in a dubious war against natural climate change", adds McKeever.  "The chief aim of Ontario's electricity policy should be to provide electricity at the lowest price the market will bear."

Freedom Party's detailed 2011 election plank on Affordable Electricity was released today, in conjunction with the party's launch of its new smart-phone friendly web site design and the pre-election video ad.  The eight-point plank calls, in part, for the repeal of the Green Energy Act, which is causing electricity prices to rise.

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