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Ontario Election 2007

 FP Flip-Flop Free

On second anniversary of Freedom Party's 2007 election platform release, FP leader, McKeever, stands by the party's proposals

October 1, 2007, Toronto - FP leader Paul McKeever (candidate in the riding of London West) says that, two years after releasing his party's platform, he remains flip-flop free, and he continues to stand by his party's proposals.  Titled "The Right Direction", Freedom Party's 2007 election platform was released two years ago this month (on October 4, 2005).

"Some people assert that leadership matters," says McKeever, "but simply uttering that slogan does not make one a leader. 

"A leader ensures from the outset that he is leading in the right direction. 

"Having chosen the right direction, he stays the course.  

"We must remember that candidates and supporters of a political party have made great financial and emotional investments in defending the course set by their party's leader.  A complete and crushing defeat of their confidence, and of the confidence of voters, is the surest result when the leader - in the midst of an election campaign - is found to have chosen the wrong direction, or abandons his pursuit of what is right.  

"Freedom Party's proposals have survived two years of scrutiny because they are the result of careful policy research, and an unwavering commitment to lower taxes and a better life.  That is why, two years after the release of our election platform, FP remains officially flip-flop free.

"Voters deserve to know that the people they vote for will remain true to their convictions once elected.  Having seen nothing but flip-flops and unfulfilled promises coming from Liberals, and from the famously indecisive Progressive Conservative government of Ernie Eves, voters are right to be wary of flip-floppers and of the leader of any party that appears uncommitted to the policies it has promoted. 

"I want the public to know that, as the leader of Freedom Party of Ontario, it is my solemn promise to stay the course.  As this election campaign enters its final days, Freedom Party will not waver in its advocacy of lower taxes and a better life.  We will remain in vocal, principled opposition, also, to making people pay for private religious schools that their children to not attend."

This media release distributed to all major news media and blogs in Ontario.

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