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Updates & Resources - Ontario Election 2007 - London West and Nearby Ridings

FP Continues to Drive Home Message on Schools and Property Taxes

Local Debates Give FP Leader Paul McKeever a Place to Shine
on Issues of Concern to Many Voters in London

September 25, 2007, London, Ontario - For voters and reporters who have not had the opportunity to attend the local debates, and for those reporting on the activities of party leaders during this election, we provide this list of recordings that have been made in London ridings, and which can now be found on the web.  Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever is the candidate for London West

September 11, 2007: Rogers television (cable 13) coverage of a debate among candidates in London West.  These excerpts focus on responses by Freedom Party's Paul McKeever, the Liberal Party's Chris Bentley, and the Progressive Conservative Party's Allison Graham.

September 19, 2007:
The LHSC University Hospital health care debate.  The debate involved candidates from the four London ridings (London West, London North Centre, London-Fanshawe, and Elgin-Middlesex-London).  Each question was answered by one representative of each party.  The representative was chosen among the up to four candidates present for the four ridings.  NOTE: The Progressive Conservative candidate for London West, Allison Graham, did not attend the health care debate.  The debate was video taped by popular London Bloggers "The London Fog" ( 
http://thelondonfog.blogspot.com ), which has so far released excerpts from the debate in four parts:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

September 24, 2007: The Oakridge Secondary School all-candidates debate for London West.  Only Freedom Party's Paul McKeever, the Liberal Party's Chris Bentley, and the Progressive Conservative Party's Allison Graham were in attendance, though the other candidates had been invited. 
McKeever's message was exceptionally well received.  His comparison of the Freedom Party, Liberal and PC positions on the issue of funding for religious schools left the approximately 200 to 400 students cheering and clapping in the debate's loudest and longest ovation.

"I think the crowd's response to me, and to the Freedom Party message, caught Chris Bentley and Allison Graham quite by surprise." 

Graham also found herself unable to answer questions concerning electricity, looking nervous, and openly admitting that she knew less about that issue.  The crowd also booed and jeered, twice, each time in response to PC candidate Allison Graham's attempts to shout over Chris Bentley while he was speaking in a meeting structured such that only one candidate was to speak at one time. 

"Students want to hear what each candidate has to say and I think they found Ms. Graham's conduct somewhat rude", says McKeever. 

McKeever had to leave briskly after giving his closing comments at the Oakridge debate so as to make it to the studios of CJBK AM 1290, where he then appeared on the Shauna Rae show. 

The Oakridge Secondary School event was videotaped.  Inquiries should be made directly to the co-ordinator of the event, Oakridge Secondary School history teacher Mr. Gary Doucette (519-452-2750).

September 24, 2007: 30 minute interview on The Shauna Rae radio program (London radio CJBK, 1290 AM).  Audio of Ms. Rae's interview of Freedom Party leader Mr. McKeever can be heard here.

For further details, contact: Paul McKeever, candidate, London West

website: http://www.paulmckeever.ca
Paul McKeever's photo: https://freedomparty.on.ca/media/mckeever.medium.bmp
FPO's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/fpontario
FPO's 2007 Election Platform: https://freedomparty.on.ca/election2007/platform.page.htm

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