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Ontario Election 2007

FP Goes Fishin' with Humourous
Election Video Released Today

September 4, 2007, Toronto - Freedom Party today released its first video election message for the 2007 Ontario general election.  Titled "Ontario Fishin' ", the video features "John Tory" and "Dalton McGuinty" providing tricks and tips on how to reel-in the Ontario voter...and on where to get the bait. 

The video can be watched on Freedom Party's youtube.com channel (www.youtube.com/fpontario) or can be downloaded in Microsoft and Mac/iPod formats:

On Youtube (click link to play):

For Microsoft Media Player (click link to download/play): http://www.freedomparty.org/fpovideo/2007commercials/2007.09.04.ontario.fishin.wmv

For Mac/iPod (click link to begin download)

The video (running time 3 min., 15 sec.) is available only on-line.


For further details, contact: Paul McKeever

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FPO's 2007 Election Platform: https://freedomparty.on.ca/election2007/platform.page.htm

This media release distributed to all major news media and blogs in Ontario, and to Ontario's MPPs.

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