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Ontario Election 2007

Youtube: Freedom Party's Videos 4x More Popular than those of PCs and Liberals

September 3, 2007, Toronto - With the Ontario provincial election fast approaching, a tally of statistics drawn from the popular video website www.youtube.com shows the general viewership's interest in Freedom Party's videos outstrips interest in videos produced by the Progressive Conservatives and Liberals.  On key viewing statistics, Freedom Party videos are approximately four times more popular than the second-place Progressive Conservatives.

"It is not too difficult to tell why Freedom Party does better on youtube", says Freedom Party leader, Paul McKeever.  "In our videos, we talk about actual issues, and we compare our proposals with those made by the PCs and Liberals.  All that one can find on the PC and Liberal channels is videos of a party leader standing at a podium promising a few million dollars to a small crowd of politically-organized looters and moochers.  In many cases PC and Liberal videos serve as vivid examples of what is wrong with politics in Ontario.

"These results should give newspapers some second thoughts as well.  Stories about Liberals exceed those about Tories, and stories that even mention FP are relatively rare.  Yet, where FP is given a level playing field with those two parties, the public's appetite for what Freedom Party has to say about policy and governance is clear.  If newspapers continue to strongly bias their election coverage in favour of parties that won seats in the most recent election, they may find their readers migrating to youtube and to political blogs that host youtube content from a wider range of political parties."

Freedom Party compared the official channels of the three parties having a youtube channel: www.youtube.com/fpontario (FP), www.youtube.com/johntory2007 (PC), and www.youtube.com/premierofontario (Liberal).  The results of the analysis were as follows:

Views of Main Channel Page: FP: 2,652, PC: 1,721, Liberal: 322

# of Channel Subscribers: FP: 46, PC: 38, Liberal: 9

# of Videos: FP: 41, PC: 42, Liberal: 24

Total Viewings of Videos: FP: 19,485, PC: 5,421, Liberal: 3,135

Mean # of Views per Video: FP: 483, PC: 129, Liberal: 130

Median # of Video Views: FP: 181, PC: 90, Liberal: 55

Total # of Written Comments to Videos: FP: 123, PC: 2, Liberal: 0

# of Times a Video Was Rated: FP: 258, PC: 121, Liberal: 46

Parties without youtube channels include: NDP, the Green Party, Family Coalition, Confederation of Regions, Libertarian Party, and Communist Party.  All data was collected on Wednesday, August 29, 2007.

For further details, contact: Paul McKeever

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This media release distributed to all major news media and blogs in Ontario, and to Ontario's MPPs.


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