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Progressive Conservatives' Election Plank for Farmers Slammed:
Corporate Welfare, Poor Leadership

June 7, 2007 - Freedom Party of Ontario today released a video slamming the Progressive Conservatives' recently-announced election plank to give Ontario farmers $300M.  Titled "PC Pig Trough Promises", the video can be seen on the Freedom Party youtube channel at:


"Lacking any idea about what is causing farming businesses in Ontario to fail, John Tory is trying to fill his intellectual void with tax revenues taken from taxpayers who are doing things right", says Freedom Party Leader Paul McKeever.  "He's proposing $300M in cash for farmers, yet he fully and openly admits that he doesn't even have a plan in place that requires such spending.  He has started with the cash, and is saying to Ontarians that he'll just let farmers split up the loot later.  Leadership matters, and that's not leadership.  That's an abandonment of responsibility; of mental effort; and of any deservedness of a vote."

Freedom Party of Ontario released its 2007 election platform on October 4, 2005, exactly 2 years prior to the initially-announced date of the 2007 election.  It can be read online here (https://freedomparty.on.ca/election2007/platform.page.htm)

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