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Ontario Property Taxes

Scrap It, Don't Cap It

Freedom Party Explains Property Taxes to Ontarians,
Warns Against Private Member's Bill 75: Homestead Act

March 19, Toronto - Freedom Party today released a two-part video titled "The Property Tax Issue" that aims to explain property taxation to Ontarians and to promote a better, alternative system of municipal taxation.  Both parts of the video are available on the party website (freedomparty.on.ca/video/video.htm) and on the party's youtube.com channel, https://www.youtube.com/fpontario .

Part one of the video explains property taxation in relatively easy-to-understand terms, so that Ontarians have a better grasp of the nature of the tax.  It also addresses PC MPP Tim Hudak's Bill 75, the Homestead Act.  Were it made law, the Homestead Act would impose a 5% annual cap on increases in the assessed values of homes.   Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever describes a host of new problems it would introduce, and condemns the bill as a stop-gap measure that will not solve the fundamental problems associated with property taxation. 

Part two of the video describes a better system of municipal taxation.  Freedom Party proposes that property taxation be scrapped and replaced with a municipal sales tax or premium, collected as a part of the Provincial Sales Tax.

"If you expect opinion makers and other Ontarians to support an important proposal, you owe them an explanation of the problem, a description and evaluation of other proposals to fix it, and an explanation of your own proposal.  We hope that, with this video, we will have honoured that responsibility.  And, of course, we always look forward to questions about things that are not addressed in our videos."

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