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Ontario General Election - October 10, 2007

Expect No Blank Cheque
from Ontario Voters

New Freedom Party video released today to coax
other parties to release their election platforms

February 28, Toronto - With just 6 months to go before the dropping of the election writ in Ontario, Freedom Party is challenging those who are currently campaigning as "promise-keepers" without even having released their party's election platform.  In a new video released today, Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever traces the recent history of electoral promise making in Ontario, contrasting the approach of Mike Harris with that of his successors Ernie Eves and John Tory.  Entitled "So ya wanna be a promise keeper, eh?", the video can be watched on Freedom Party of Ontario's youtube.com channel:


"Ontarians rightly have come to expect that those seeking office first tell the voter what they have planned", says Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever.  "Ideas matter, and they matter most.  The days of expecting a blank cheque from the voter are, and should be, over.  

"I am confident that, if given the chance to compare Freedom Party's ideas with those of the other parties in Ontario, Freedom Party's proposals will be favoured by a significant percentage of Ontarians.  If needling Mr. Tory and others is what it takes to get them to disclose their tightly guarded secrets about what they would do to Ontario, we will needle them without hesitation."

Freedom Party of Ontario released its 2007 election platform, "The Right Direction", on October 4, 2005.

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This media release distributed to all major news media in Ontario and to Ontario's MPPs.

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