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Ontario By-Elections

"Seinfeld" By-elections Avoided

3 FP candidates ensure that by-elections are not "about nothing":
Bring "Lower Taxes, a Better Life" message to all 3 contests

January 25, 2007, Burlington, Markham & Toronto
- Freedom Party today confirmed that it will be bringing its "Lower Taxes, a Better Life" campaign to voters in all three Ontario by-elections to be held on February 8, 2007.  "Freedom Party's candidates will make sure that these by-elections are not what journalist James Travers today described as a Seinfeld Election: an election about nothing", says Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever.

"Mr. McGuinty raised our taxes after looking into the camera and promising not to raise them one penny.  Mr. Tory has emphatically refused Steve Paikin's offer* to look into the camera and promise he would not raise taxes.  Freedom Party is now the only party standing for a substantial reduction in Ontario's tax burden, and we have been open and honest about how we will do it.  Our election platform for the October 4, 2007 general election was released on October 4, 2005: a full two years in advance.  Yet, with the general election writ to be dropped only 7 months from now, we have yet to see any substantive proposals or vision being offered by the three parties in the legislature.  Mr. Tory, in particular, is playing a game of 'I cannot break a promise if I never make any'.  Freedom Party will not play that game.  We'll not only keep the promises we make: we'll actually make promises.  What's more, we'll have the brains, heart and guts to deal with the big-ticket problems that the others are trying to avoid, including the replacement of property taxes with a municipal sales tax, and introducing choice between public and private health insurance." 

Our Candidates:

Burlington: Barry Spruce

Markham: Cathy McKeever

York South-Weston: Wayne Simmons

For further details:
Paul McKeever - ***-***-****
FPO Headquarters - 1-800-830-3301

*TVO's "The Agenda", October 27, 2006

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