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The Electoral System Referendum Act, 2006

Thumbs-up for Double Majority Referendum Threshold

Good News for Principled Decision Making in the Legislature: McKeever

October 24
, 2006, Toronto
Freedom Party leader, Paul McKeever, is expressing support for the McGuinty government's introduction of electoral reform legislation that in effect - decreases the likelihood of a change to a "proportional representation" electoral system.  Such electoral systems generally make minority governments the rule, and majorities the exception. 

"As I told the Select Committee on Electoral Reform last year", said McKeever, "changing from the current system to virtually any form of proportional representation system would mean that minority or coalition governments would become the norm, and single-party majority governments the exception. 

"The implications of a change from majority governments to minority governments would be tremendously negative and dangerous.  When the governing party has a majority, it is at least possible for government to act on reality, fact, logic, reason, ethics and principle.  In contrast, with a minority government, such things as reality, fact, logic, reason, ethics and principle are all rendered irrelevant.  In their place, minority governments give us government by emotion, whim and mere popularity.  By switching from an electoral system that usually renders majorities to one that usually renders minorities, we replace government guided by the rational mind with government coerced by the biggest fist; we replace individual freedom with a tyranny of the majority. 

"I will not pretend to know the McGuinty government's rationale in choosing the threshold it did and, largely, I do not care.  Whatever may be the rationale, this threshold legislation may well have saved this province from the political equivalent of a bullet to the brain of government.  

"I would strongly urge all MPPs to vote in favour of this threshold."

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