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Israel-Lebanon Conflict

Sid Ryan Attacks McKeever for Defending Israel
Terrorists, not Israel, responsible for deaths of human shields: McKeever

July 13, Burlington, Ontario - Freedom Party of Ontario leader Paul McKeever today enraged CUPE Ontario President Sid Ryan by asserting it is appropriate for Israel to attack terrorists even when they are embedded with numerous innocent human shields.  McKeever and Ryan, who were both candidates in the riding of Oshawa during Ontario's 2003 provincial election, were guests of The Michael Coren Show

"If you're going after a terrorist" said McKeever, "and the terrorist has made it impossible to get just him - if he's said 'You know what, I'm going to make myself safer by surrounding myself with innocent people' - he is the murderer of those innocent people, not the person attacking him."  Ryan replied that he regarded as "mad" the idea that Israel has a right to retalliate against a single terrorist who is using numerous innocents as human shields. 

Responding to Ryan's suggestion that Israel should have negotiated a prisoner exchange instead of taking military action in Lebanon, McKeever said that Israel, as "...Reason's foothold in the middle east" is right to take military action to defend itself.

"Israel's cause is the cause of the whole world" said McKeever.  "As far as I'm concerned, if we allow - if we encourage - a situation, internationally, where we're saying 'You know what? They've only taken a couple of soldiers, just give them a couple out of the prison and they'll give [the soldiers] back', what we're saying is that appeasement is preferable to justice; that compensation is preferable to justice.  But you cannot have a free world - you can't have a rational world - when you have irrational groups pushing a free country..." in that way.

The debate, which also included journalist/broadcaster Clair Hoy, is scheduled to air on CTS (Crossroads Television) at 6 PM on Friday, July 14, 2006.

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