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2006 Whitby-Ajax by-election


Wants a health care system in which patients are not beggars, but choosers.

March 14, 2006, Whitby-Ajax
Freedom Party candidate and leader Paul McKeever today detailed his party's proposal to legalize faster better health care.  Whereas the Liberals' Judi Longfield and Progressive Conservatives' Christine Elliott have been campaigning on more taxpayer funding for a failing government health insurance monopoly (OHIP) that is reducing rations, McKeever has been campaigning on lower taxes and the restoration of public/private choice in health insurance.  His campaign slogan: "Lower Taxes, a Better Life".

The details of Freedom Party's health insurance proposal, together with other useful information about the private health insurance issue have been added to Paul McKeever's campaign website
( ).  The direct link to the proposal is:

"In 1969," says McKeever, "the Progressive Conservatives banned private health insurance and set up a government health insurance monopoly called OHIP.  To make us all pay for OHIP, the PCs introduced the provincial income tax. Today, the OHIP monopoly is a badly-managed, politicized system that survives only by making us wait in line for health care rations. The waits are getting longer, the rations are getting smaller, and the taxes are getting higher.

"A few months ago, the Supreme Court of Canada recognized the problem: a lack of competition. The Court found that health care rationing is causing unnecessary suffering and death. It ended Quebec’s government health insurance monopoly by striking-down that province’s ban on private health insurance. Better health care requires that we do the same in Ontario.

"In my opinion, it is morally wrong for the government to prolong your suffering by preventing you from spending your own money on health care. I want a health care system in which patients are not beggars, but choosers.  As the MPP for Whitby-Ajax, I will make the legalization of faster, better health care a priority."

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