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Nepean-Carleton By-election

Jurgen Vollrath Launches Nepean-Carleton Campaign
Cutting Taxes and 
legalizing better health care, top Freedom Candidate's platform

March 13, 2006, Nepean-Carleton - Freedom Party of Ontario today confirmed the nomination of Jurgen (pronounced "your-gen") Vollrath as its candidate for the March 30, 2006 by-election in the riding of Nepean-Carleton.  Vollrath is the former owner of Wall of Water Ski Shop and of Ottawa's Professional Pool Tables Ltd..  He currently sells modular homes in Morewood, just south of Ottawa. 

Vollrath's campaign will focus on two of the six broad planks that comprise Freedom Party's 2007 election platform:

  1. replacing property taxes with a municipal consumption tax; and
  2. legalizing faster, better health care.

"I am this by-election's only tax-cutting candidate", says Vollrath.  "Mr. Ford and Ms. McLeod are both campaigning on more spending by government, but government cannot spend more without taking more money from taxpayers.  The Liberals and the new Progressive Conservative candidate have made the choice easy for voters in Nepean-Carleton: if you want taxes to go up, vote Liberal or PC, but if you want taxes to go down, vote for Freedom: vote for Vollrath."

"Apparently, I am also the only candidate in this by-election that is in favour of lifting the ban on private health insurance", says Vollrath. 

In 1969, the Progressive Conservatives banned private health insurance and set up the OHIP health insurance monopoly.  The Supreme Court of Canada recently confirmed that universal health care is a system of health care rationing that is leading to suffering and death while people wait for service.  It struck-down Quebec's ban on private health insurance. 

"In my view," says Vollrath, "it is immoral for the government to prevent people from spending their own money on their own health.  Nepean-Carleton deserves faster, better health care.  If elected the MPP for Nepean-Carleton, I will work at Queens Park to give all Ontarians a choice between buying OHIP, buying private health insurance, or just paying-as-they-go."   

Jurgen Vollrath

For further details, contact:

Jurgen Vollrath, FP candidate for the 2006 Nepean-Carleton by-election.
(613) 443-1061
Cell: (613) 762-8029


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