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2006 Whitby-Ajax by-election


Property taxes would be scrapped under Freedom candidate's plan

March 6
, 2006, Whitby-Ajax - Freedom Party candidate and leader Paul McKeever today unveiled details of his property tax election plank.  Under the proposal, property taxes would be scrapped and replaced with a municipal premium collected with the already-existing PST.  McKeever's by-election campaign slogan is "Lower Taxes, A Better Life".

The details of the proposal, together with other useful information about the property tax issue have been added to Paul McKeever's campaign website ( ).  The direct link to the proposal is:

"For far too many Whitby-Ajax residents, housing prices have been rising faster than their incomes", says McKeever, "and that has left many with an unacceptably heavy property tax burden.  It has also left renters with tax-inflated rents to pay.

"The experts agree that property taxes are about the worst possible way for a government to raise revenue.  At the same time, the experts agree it is best to tax sales instead of property or income.  If elected the MPP for Whitby-Ajax, I will work in the Ontario legislature toward scrapping property taxes and replacing them, in each municipality, with a municipal premium on the already-existing Provincial Sales Tax."

Under McKeever's proposal, a municipal government would set its own municipal sales tax rate for municipality.  

"There is another important aspect to this proposal" adds McKeever.  "Municipal elections suffer from low voter turn-out.  With a municipal sales tax, the people of Whitby-Ajax will have daily reminders of the percentage of their money that is going to the municipal level of government: it will be printed right on the receipts they receive when they buy something in town.  Imagine buying a candy bar and seeing right there on the receipt the words 'Parish Tax' or 'Brunelle Tax'.  There is nothing like a clear and frequent reminder of ones municipal tax burden to get one voting on municipal election day."

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