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2006 Whitby-Ajax by-election

Conflict of Interest Implications Ignored
in PCs' Nomination

McKeever asks: "Is Christine Elliott loyal to federal finance minister/husband or loyal to provincial interests of Whitby-Ajax residents?"

March 3, 2006, Whitby-Ajax - Freedom Party candidate and leader Paul McKeever today said that, in nominating the spouse of federal finance minister Jim Flaherty, the Progressive Conservatives have ignored the serious conflict of interest that Christine Elliott's election to provincial office would trigger.  Christine Elliott is married to Jim Flaherty.

"Provincial and federal interests are, by there very nature, in conflict", says McKeever.  "It is crucial for MPPs not to be in a conflict of interest.  That is why an individual cannot be both a riding's federal MP and its provincial MPP.

"Ontario is facing severe fiscal problems.  Ottawa doesn't always side with Ontario, especially when it comes to money.  Acting in the best interests of Ontario will sometimes require the Whitby-Ajax's MPP to make decisions that conflict with the federal finance minister's agenda and, sometimes, even with his political popularity and career goals.  As MPP, Ms. Elliott could not be expected to be 100% supportive of her husband's career and still be 100% loyal to the provincial interests of the residents of Whitby-Ajax.  

"Whitby-Ajax needs and deserves a provincial MPP who can take a strong stand against Ottawa's finance minister, when necessary, to protect Ontario's interests.  Until Mr. Flaherty has completed his term of office, Whitby-Ajax voters are right to wary about electing Ms. Elliott.

"We are living in after-shocks of huge federal conflicts of interest.  Either the provincial PCs have overlooked this conflict of interest, or they do not really take conflicts of interest any more seriously than did the federal Liberals.  

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