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2006 Whitby-Ajax by-election

Longfield Challenged to Disclose Her Motives for Running Provincially

Longfield's election bid a cynical flip-flop: McKeever

March 3, 2006, Whitby-Ajax - Freedom Party candidate and leader Paul McKeever today is challenging Liberal candidate Judi Longfield to disclose to Whitby-Ajax voters her motive for running for provincial office.  Longfield is currently the only other declared candidate in the Whitby-Ajax by-election.

On January 24, 2006, Ms. Longfield told reporter David Blumenfeld:

"I can tell you that I am not running provincially...That was never in the cards. If I was going to run provincially, I would have done it a long time ago."

On March 1, 2006, Ms. Longfield became the provincial Liberal candidate for the riding of Whitby-Ajax. 

"By my count," says McKeever, "it has taken only 36 days for Ms. Longfield to go on record as a flip-flopper.  Which is it?  Was provincial office never in the cards, or was that not true?

"The voters of Whitby-Ajax are right to be concerned about Ms. Longfield's commitment and convictions.  If she can flip-flop so quickly on something as basic as whether or not she even has an interest in provincial politics, why should anyone have believe that Ms. Longfield cares about taking their concerns to Queens Park?

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