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Toronto-Danforth By-election

Franz Cauchi Launches Toronto-Danforth Campaign

Will campaign on replacing property taxes with city sales tax &
on legalizing faster, better health care

March 1, 2006, Toronto - Freedom Party of Ontario today announced the nomination of Toronto's Franz Cauchi (pronounced "cow-key") as its candidate for the coming Toronto-Danforth provincial by-election. A by-election was today called for that riding to fill the seat vacated by former MPP Marilyn Churley.  Cauchi is the CEO of a Toronto-based marketing firm.

Cauchi's campaign will focus on two of the six broad planks that comprise Freedom Party's 2007 election platform:

  1. replacing property taxes with a municipal consumption tax; and
  2. legalizing faster, better health care.

"It is wrong to force a person to pay taxes merely to keep the home that he or she has already owns" says Cauchi. "To add insult to injury, Toronto owners and renters are paying for municipal services and resources consumed by commuters, vacationers, and visitors because the province has made property taxation the main source of municipal revenues. It is time for the province to scrap the city's property tax system and replace it with a municipal premium on the Provincial Sales Tax. That way, the cost of municipally-delivered goods and services will be shared by everyone who consumes them, whether or not they live in the city. With all consumers paying for the municipal goods and services that they use or consume, Torontonians will get the tax relief they need and deserve."

Cauchi will also focus on legalizing faster, better health care. In 1969, the Progressive Conservative government of John Robarts banned private health insurance, set up a government health insurance monopoly (OHIP), and forced everyone to purchase OHIP by introducing a new tax: Ontario's provincial income tax (all of the revenues from which today go toward funding OHIP). Cauchi will be campaigning on Freedom Party's proposals to:

(a) repeal the ban on health insurance;

(b) stop funding OHIP with taxes (Freedom Party proposes to scrap the PC's provincial
income tax); and

(c) give every Ontarian a choice: buy public health insurance (OHIP), buy private health insurance, or just pay-as-you-go.

"It's your body and it's your money. When it comes to how you pay for your health care, it should be your choice", says Cauchi.

Franz Cauchi

For further details, contact:

Franz Cauchi, Freedom Party of Ontario candidate for 2006 Toronto-Danforth by-election.

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