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Ontario Provincial Election 2007

New Videos Challenge Ontario's Liberals, PCs

Will introduce Ontario Voters to Freedom Party's Leader, Platform


February 7, 2006, Toronto - Freedom Party of Ontario is launching a new offensive in its 2007 election campaign: a six-part video that shows party leader, Paul McKeever, speaking with leading Ontario television personalities during election 2003.

"These short videos will give many Ontarians their first opportunity to put a face to Freedom Party of Ontario" says Freedom Party President, Robert Metz. "They not only introduce Ontarians to Freedom Party's leader, Paul McKeever, but also give a brief overview of Freedom Party's innovative and confident stance on the major issues facing the province".

The videos (which are in Microsoft's .wmv format) can be viewed online at the party website, or by clicking on the links below (a high-speed connection is recommended):

Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever adds: "In the face of a Liberal Party that constantly has broken promises and reversed its positions on the issues, I think that people are going to find an impressive and reassuring consistency between what Freedom Party was proposing in 2003, and what we are proposing in our 2007 election platform."

Entitled "The Right Direction 2007", Freedom Party's 2007 election platform was released on October 4, 2005, exactly two years prior to the date of the next provincial general election.

"Since the exit of Mike Harris, the Tory Progressive Conservatives and the McGuinty Liberals have become indistinguishable, in terms of policy" says McKeever. "Both parties seek merely to manage Ontario governance as it is right now, rather than making any significant changes to it for the better. Neither is in favour of an overall reduction in the tax burden, and both absolutely refuse to expose Ontario's health insurance monopoly to competition from the private sector. These videos will help to demonstrate that, unlike the three parties with members in the Ontario Legislature, Freedom Party is committed to significant tax relief and to the legalization of faster, better health care. For people who want change a governance rather than just a change of faces, Freedom Party's the only game in town."

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