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Poverty, race and decreased government spending do not turn one into a murderer

John Tory Helps Connect Murders to Tax Cuts

Ontarians Insulted by John Tory's comments says McKeever

January 5, 2006, Toronto - Recent comments by Progressive Conservative opposition leader John Tory, about who and what is responsible for murders and murderers in Toronto, have insulted millions of Ontarians, says Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever. They have also helped leftists to promote the growth of government by sowing the seeds of social discord.

"In 1995 and 1999, Ontarians voted for lower taxes and smaller government", says McKeever. "In recent days, advocates of bigger, tax-and-spend government in this province shamelessly have been using Toronto's murders as an opportunity to further their agenda by fostering a false and socially destructive connection between today's murders and yesterday's cuts to taxes and spending.

"Their method is as devious and evil as it is destructive of society. They assert that poverty turns people into murderers, thereby slandering the poor and breeding unjust distrust of the poor. They assert or imply that tax and spending cuts are motivated by racism and anti-immigrant sentiments. In doing so, they demonstrate themselves implicitly or explicitly to hold racist beliefs and false assumptions about the genetic make-up and nationality both of those who use social programs and of those who pay for those programs with taxes. And, having associated poverty with murderers on the one hand, and with racial minority status on the other, their self-serving and intellectually dishonest overtures actually end up promoting the false, racist, slanderous, and socially destructive ideas that racial minorities are more likely to murder and should be feared. In short, to advance an agenda of tax increases and bigger government, they set up false and unwarranted conflicts between the well-off and the poor; they pit skin colour against skin colour; they encourage us to fear. Having created an atmosphere of distrust and discord within the populace, they then try to sell bigger government and social programs as a way to heal the wounds they have inflicted or worsened. It is pure demagoguery.

"On December 30th, the Toronto Star reported that when Progressive Conservative party leader John Tory was asked whether 'welfare and other steep spending cuts by the previous Progressive Conservative government helped set the stage for increasing gun violence, Tory acknowledged they might have been a factor.' In that context, Tory was reported to say 'I think everybody has to shoulder their share of the blame for this'.

"For the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario to lend credence to such demagoguery is a slap in the face to everyone in Ontario who supported tax cuts and spending cuts in the 1990s. That includes not only Ontario voters, but John Tory's own party's members and former members, MPPs and former MPPs, and, of course, Mike Harris himself. As one of millions who believed, and continues to believe, that we are overtaxed and that government is involved in things that it ought not to be involved in, I am personally insulted and offended by Mr. Tory's comments.

"Mr. Tory is demonstrating that there is no depth to which he will not stoop, and no price he is not willing to make society pay in his effort to gain political power. To avoid taking a politically incorrect stance against leftist demagoguery, he was willing to defame and insult his own party, Mike Harris, some of his colleagues and former colleagues, and millions of Ontarians. He has, with his comments, given the socially destructive allegations of the leftists a veneer of non-partisanship, thereby making their falsehoods more believable, more influential, and more deeply divisive.

"I would ask all politicians who comment on the matter of murders in Toronto, or who comment on matters of taxing and spending by government, not to follow Mr. Tory's example. Unless you are one of them, do not help socialists to build their campaign for bigger government and more wealth redistribution on a foundation of lies, slander, insult, and instigated social disharmony.  Have the courage and integrity to fight against a smear campaign instead of saying nothing or facilitating it."

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