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Blue means capitalism, not anti-immigrant "third-way" corporativism, says McKeever

September 3, 2003 - London, Ontario

Freedom Party of Ontario's "True Blue" election sign campaign has begun. Freedom Party candidates will be running deep blue signs with white lettering. The signs differ from those used by Progressive Conservatives in two ways: the font is different, and there is an Fp logo in the bottom right corner of each sign (see example below: Bill Frampton - London West).

"Unlike many of the Progressive Conservatives' signs, you won't see the word 're-elect' on Fp's signs" says Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever. "Given the mood of the voter at present, we actually see that as a plus".

Freedom Party's True Blue sign campaign is an effort to encourage the economically-responsible and informed voter to compare the red-Tory record of the PCs under Ernie Eves with the free-market commitments of Fp and Paul McKeever. "To my mind", says McKeever "Ernie's team should be using red signs, not blue. However, if they are going to insist on labelling government health care and electricity monopolies as "capitalist" or "right-wing", this can just as easily be seen as Fp "Blue" versus PC "Blue-lite" .

McKeever adds: "Many in the media don't like to move the goal posts on the political spectrum. However, to describe Ernie's 'third-way' corporativist offerings "capitalist" or "right-wing" helps to make a destructive, centrally planned, government monopolized economy look mainstream and responsible. For the left, it serves the additional purpose of defaming capitalism (a.k.a. "the right"). Therefore, it is up to those who advocate responsible, free-market solutions to kick-harder, yell louder, write frankly and bluntly, and demand the economics of a promising future for Ontario. Here's how I'd sum it up: Freedom Party's platform is the only platform that sets out a positive, solid and economically sound free market vision for Ontario. The PC platform is fast-food socialism peppered with subsidies disguised as tax cuts, with a side order of anti-immigrant racism to appeal to the basest in some".

The Freedom Party of Ontario's election platform, The Right Direction, can be found at:

https://freedomparty.on.ca/platform.pdf (Adobe .pdf format)

https://freedomparty.on.ca/platform/html/cover.htm (HTML format)

Paul McKeever (who will be running in the riding of Oshawa, against Sid Ryan and Jerry Ouellette) is available to discuss this matter. You can contact him directly at:

***-***-**** (cell)

Freedom Party is expected to run candidates in approximately half of Ontario's ridings in the coming election.

For further information: Paul McKeever, Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario.
Oshawa Office Telephone: 905-721-9772.


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