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"Just Blow Me" Ad hits hard, promotes Freedom Party's common sense platform

The Freedom Party of Ontario today began distribution of its 4-page "Just Blow Me" / "Don't Blow it Again" political advertisement by distributing the first 130,000 copies through the Ontario circulation of today's National Post newspaper. An additional 70,000 hard copies will be distributed by Freedom Party candidates and supporters. Freedom Party expects the piece will be seen by over one million Ontarians before the next provincial vote.

Click here to Download Flyer (.pdf file)


Click here to Download Flyer (.pdf file)


NOTE: Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever and some of Freedom Party's Toronto-area candidates will be distributing the "Just Blow Me" piece at the corner of King and Bay streets in Toronto today (Tuesday, September 2, 2003) for one hour starting at 12:00 noon.

The piece itself provides readers with a URL address (https://freedomparty.on.ca/election2003/blow.pdf) from which they can download, save, and print the piece themselves, or e-mail it to people in their address books.

"Mr. Eves' 'Just Blow Me' thought bubble is quite appropriate", says Freedom Party of Ontario leader, Paul McKeever. "Here we have a red Tory who has abandoned common sense and who instead takes Ontario in virtually any direction suggested by the shifting winds of public opinion. He is also arguably the most arrogant Sun King to be found among the first ministers of history. Who but Eves would thumb his nose so unapologetically at accountability and Parliament by announcing his budget plans in an auto-parts factory? Arrogance and indecision: that's all one will find beneath Mr. Eves' cockiness."

Paul McKeever (who will be running in the riding of Oshawa, against Sid Ryan and Jerry Ouellette) is available to discuss this matter. You can contact him directly at:

***-***-**** (cell)

Freedom Party is expected to run candidates in approximately half of Ontario's ridings in the coming election.

For further information: Paul McKeever, Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario.
Oshawa Office Telephone: 905-721-9772.


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