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Ontario Election 2003: Freedom Party Leader, Paul McKeever, to be candidate in Oshawa

OSHAWA, March 18, 2003 - The Freedom Party of Ontario announced today that party leader and local employment lawyer Paul McKeever, will run as the Freedom Party candidate for Oshawa in the 2003 provincial election.

The son of a retired General Motors worker and a teacher, Mr. McKeever was born and raised in Oshawa. Working summers as a lifeguard at Oshawa’s lakefront and labourer for Oshawa Public Works, Mr. McKeever worked his way though university, graduating on the Dean’s list at Trent University, and later earning his Masters degree and his Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of Western Ontario. Thereafter, in 1997, he set up his employment law practice in Oshawa. "I have guarded Oshawa’s lakefront, taught its children to swim, paved Oshawa’s roads, and helped people in Oshawa who have been dismissed from their jobs. I love this city, and its people, and I am now asking the voters of Oshawa for the honour and responsibility of serving Oshawa in the Ontario Legislature."

Mr. McKeever will be facing off against NDP candidate Sid Ryan (president of CUPE) and the Progressive Conservatives’ Jerry Ouellette. "I think its nice that a Sid is going to be our guest in Oshawa for a month during the election. My understanding is that Scarborough hosted him for a month during election '99. But I think Mr. Ryan’s attempt to manipulate the Oshawa voter with his union boss credentials is cynical. And I don’t think that the voters of Oshawa will fall for it…no matter how many of his buddies he brings to town on his dog and pony show."

On the Progressive Conservative candidate: "Jerry Ouellette will be doing his best to sell a very different party than the one he represented in Oshawa over the last couple elections. Tragically, a slim majority of Progressive Conservatives replaced leadership, integrity and common sense with Ernie Eves: a directionless, limp, untrustworthy, opportunistic, cynical crowd-follower. Under Eves, the Ontario PCs have intentionally transformed into little more than a second Liberal party. As the federal PCs found out, one Liberal party is enough. Jerry Ouellette's party has taken its first steps down the path to the dustbin of history. Luckily for Jerry, he has his pension now. I wish him well in his retirement."

On being a party leader: "Of course, being represented by a party leader has its perks. A riding represented by the leader of a political party will certainly have its voice heard, and it's influence will be felt."

For further information: Paul McKeever, Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario.
Oshawa Office Telephone: 905-721-9772.

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