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Only Freedom Party Would Eliminate Electricity Price Cap, says leader, Paul McKeever

OSHAWA, March 4, 2003 - Following a day of record cold and high prices for electricity, Freedom Party of Ontario leader Paul McKeever is making his party's opposition to the electricity price cap clear.

"The 4.3 cent price cap imposed by Mr. Eves and Mr. McGuinty late last year is proving to be every bit as politically-motivated, short-sighted, and dangerous as the entire electricity industry said it would be from the start. It's common sense: if electricity is cheap, people will not limit their consumption of it. In fact, many folks will consume so much of it that there will not be enough for everyone. The result: the IMO will cut power to different neighbourhoods on a rotating basis. Ontarians should not then be surprised to discover that some places will not have their power turned off as frequently as others."

McKeever asserts that the only economically and ecologically sound thing to do is eliminate the price cap. "If the price cap is eliminated, Ontarians will be careful to turn off unused lights and unwatched televisions. That will help avoid shortages and minimize the likelihood of rolling black-outs."

"A Freedom Party government will immediately eliminate the 4.3 cent price cap on electricity. It may not be a popular thing to do: that's why the PCs and the Liberals will not eliminate the price cap. But eliminating the price cap is the only responsible thing to do if Ontario is going to have enough electricity for residences, industry and commercial use. I challenge anyone to find an honest and disinterested expert who will disagree with us about that", says the Freedom Party leader.

McKeever explains that eliminating the price cap will also end unfairness in the current system. Specifically, the price cap ensures that everyone must pay - through debt and taxes - for electricity consumed by those who waste electricity or use an unusually large amount. "The Eves-McGuinty price cap is unconscionable. Ontario has 5000 sq. ft. homes that are being cooled to 19 deg. C. in the summer while their owners are away at the cottage. The Eves-McGuinty price cap forces those on a limited income, and those who conserve electricity, to pay for another person's excessive electricity consumption through such things as the provincial sales tax. The most dispicable thing is that Eves and McGuinty both know they are doing the wrong thing, and they're doing it anyway in a selfish attempt to win votes. Perhaps Hampton can be forgiven: he just doesn't know any better."

The Freedom Party of Ontario has released its draft policy on electricity for comment by the public and by the electricity industry. It can be found online at https://freedomparty.on.ca/elecdrft.htm. Comments can be sent via e-mail to feedback@freedomparty.ca or by regular letter-mail to Freedom Party headquarters: FREEDOM PARTY OF ONTARIO, P.O. Box 2214, London, Ontario, Canada N6A 4E3.

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