Dear Members, Friends, and Supporters,

'Climate change' is perhaps the single most significant political issue of our time. Whether one is a 'believer' or a 'denier' - or completely oblivious to the whole matter - it's an issue that affects everyone because it is being politically forced on each of us. Of course, the political narrative is fundamentally not really about climate at all. But that's not what the mainstream media and politicians would have us believe.

For example, in his January 22 syndicated newspaper commentary, columnist Gwynne Dyer predicted "that those who led or financed the denial campaign will almost certainly end up facing criminal charges 10 or 20 years from now." Citing "how a great many companies conspired to cast doubt on the scientific evidence for global warming over a period of several decades," he called for those opposed to the politically correct narrative on climate change to be punished: "not talking about just fines ... but also talking about criminal liability."

Dyer's attitude is typical of climate change alarmists everywhere . Rather than welcome an open and informed dialogue on climate, they would punish those who do not participate in the politically correct narrative. "How dare you!" angrily threatened climate icon Greta Thunberg at the U.N. last September (see enclosed).

Their lies are so great, that the kindest words we can find to respond to climate change alarmists such as Greta Thunberg and Gwynne Dyer are: "How dare they!" And that's exactly what we'll be doing at our next dinner event to which you are cordially invited to attend on:

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM - Doors open at 6 PM
at the Best Western Plus Lamplighter Inn - Chelsea Ballroom
591 Wellington Road, LONDON, ONTARIO N6C 4R3
$120 per plate - your net cost $75 using Ontario's political tax credit

One of our daring guest speakers will be Dave Plumb, author of 'Inconveniently Screwed,' the book he wrote to help create an environment of knowledge around the issue that is sure to infuriate climate alarmists. Together with Salim Mansur, professor emeritus of political science at Western University, they will present their views, respectively, on the 'science' and 'religion' of climate change, while Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever will reflect on the 'politics' of climate change.


Dave Plumb Salim Mansur Paul McKeever

You can register for our daring dinner event in any of the three ways indicated at the top and bottom of this web page: online purchase, telephone (519-681-3999), or mail. (Don't forget to indicate your dinner entree selection[s])

Even if you are not able to attend. remember. your participation is needed and you can still help: Ironically, while climate changes - politicians don't. The only way to force politicians to change is to force the discussion they don't want to have into their own political arena. Alarmingly, even the few politicians opposed to 'carbon taxing/pricing' are still supportive of 'fighting climate change' and reducing carbon dioxide levels. This is both unnecessary and undesirable.

The only political party in Ontario willing to take a different approach - one based on adapting to climate change, not to fighting it - is the Freedom Party of Ontario. Your financial support is what makes our Ontario political menu option possible.

There is no doubt that many honest people have been misled into believing that we are in the midst of a man-made climate emergency. But when healthy skepticism is confronted with hostility, censorship, accusations of 'denial,' and increased climate change propaganda that never cites relevant facts but demands that we do, it's up to us to be daring by challenging fear and intolerance in a climate of freedom.

Hidden behind their facade of 'fighting climate change' lies a multitude of political agendas and motivations. Join us as we dare to explore the truth about climate and about those motivations, an exploration that is only possible in a climate of freedom where all sides of a given issue can be discussed without fear or legal consequence.

Freedom of speech? Truth in politics? Now that would be a real change -in climate, wouldn't it?

So let's be daring. Join us on April 18 to participate in our climate of freedom - invite a friend or acquaintance. Your presence sends a message, and being in the company of freedom-minded people can be reassuring when so much of today's political narrative is moving in the opposite direction.

I'm looking forward to seeing you then, so be sure to make your reservation today!


Yours in freedom,

Robert Metz
President, Freedom Party of Ontario

P.S. All dinner attendees, as well as others who contribute a minimum of $25 to our 'daring' campaign, will receive a free copy of Dave Plumb's 52-page full color 'Climate Essentials'.

Remember, all contributions to Freedom Party are tax-creditable to Ontario residents. 2020 official receipts will be issued before the end of February 2021, in time for annual tax returns.

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