Jul 012015

FP dinner event: Politics Is Personal; ‘Freedom 200’ pins awarded; Politics Is Personal – Speaker Highlights: Robert Metz, Al Gretzky, Salim Mansur, Paul McKeever; 42 Freedom Party candidates total falls short of previous milestone; Ontario 2014 candidates; Campaign 2014 overview; Campaign 2018 preview; FPO invites you to become an FP candidate; Documents and definitions: constitution, policy, election plank, election platform; Dr. Yaron Brook on the morality of capitalism; Questions and answers with Dr. Yaron Brook; Speaker’s Event – Rituparna Basu on the disease killing Canadian health care; FP honours Honor Diaries; McKeever delivers cool response to Wynne’s budgetary snow job; Freedom moments and reflections; FP election signs: Breaking the colour barrier. Continue reading »

Feb 072013

“I’m Still Seeing Read (Robert Metz); FP Dinner Event: Breaking with Tradition; RED ALERT! – note of warning followed by celebration; Make It Go!; Anderson, Mansur, Coren Speak out on ‘the 3 Rs’ Reading, Writing, and Relativism; 57 Freedom Party candidates establish new Ontario milestone; 14 new ‘Freedom 200’ pin recipients include party leader McKeever; 18 Freedom Party election planks – 18 steps in the right direction; Another Freedom Party First; a brief history of Freedom Party’s election platforms; Freedom’s principals on freedom’s principles; the Four Pillers of Freedom (Just Right – show highlights); Freedom vs. Libertarianism; Freedom Party of Ontario invites YOU to become a Freedom Party candidate in the upcoming election. Continue reading »

Nov 012008

Provincial election legacy still being felt; McKeever and Paikin: Over 24,000 view The Agenda online; Candidates and campaigns: Ontario Election 2007; ‘Just Right’ audio archives now on-line; Local FP CAs oppose drive-thru bans; YouTube videos attract thousands; ‘Reason’s Harvest’: Paul McKeever’s Personal Statement Launches an Annual Celebration of Reason. Continue reading »

Jul 022007

By-elections set stage for October 10 Ontario election; Compare the candidates; Global warming clouds issues; FP Candidates in 8 consecutive bi-elections, 2005 to 2007 – Burlington, Markham,York South-Central, Parkdale-High Park, Nepean-Carleton, Toronto Danforth, Whitby-Ajax, Scarborough-Rouge River; Candidates Debate – Cathy McKeever; Tory Stance on Caledonia is Hypocritical; Freedom Party Questionnaire: Life, Liberty, Property Fundamental to FP supporters; Frank Views Presented on FP TV and FP on TV (Show Listings); Metz hosts weekly radio call-in show: ‘Just Right’; Just Right’s true left and true right ideologies chart; Changes to FP membership cards. Continue reading »

Jul 012006

Freedom Party launches 2007 election platform on October 4, 2005: exactly 2 years prior to 2007 election polling day; Openers: Some Frank talk about Freedom Party and freedom; Tax Targeted (London Free Press); In-your-face billboards speak directly to Ontario voters; Freedom Party ‘mystery’ dinner excites, delights attendees; Freedom Party Kicks Off Campaign (London Free Press); Dinner attendees meet ‘Frank’ – Freedom Party’s new mascot; Who must you be to be Frank? A message from Paul McKeever, Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario; Consumption Tax Cure for Revenue Gap (a column by Paul McKeever, published in the Financial Post); Scoring Points in Battle of the Gap (Toronto Star); The Riding Where the Toughest Job is Being Right (National Post); Ontario by-elections a sobering reminder of voter and media inertia; By-elections a Gauge for McGuinty (Toronto Star); Constituency associations: every candidate needs one. Continue reading »

Aug 012004

The 2003 Election Campaign: Election Call Timing Forced by Freedom Party Campaign; Fp Platform Stresses Health Care, Education, Electricity; Two Dozen Candidates Propel Freedom Party to Provincial Stage; Opportunity Calling; Freedom Party Message Ignored, Loved, Hated; “Just Blow Me” advert; McKeever Targets Eves’ Socialism; Perfect Fit; Tories Roasted at debate; Letter of the Day. Continue reading »

May 012003

A re-assembly of the right as Freedom Party: speech by Leader Paul McKeever; riding association workshop coverage in Belleville; “Far-Right fringe aiming to influence Ontario vote” (Globe and Mail); Signs Point to a Spring Election (London Free Press); Sarnia Observer profiles Fp candidate Andrew Falby; Lindsay Daily Post covers Charles Olito’s campaign in Haliburton-Victoria-Brock; Discipline, or “a Discipline”? Daily Post pokes fun at its own headline, attributes quote to Olito; Frampton one of four main candidates in London-West (The Reporter); Ray Monteith first out of the gates in Elgin-Middlesex-London (St. Thomas Times-Journal); McKeever quoted by National Post concerning Eves’ manipulative, vote-oriented mortgage interest deduction proposal. Continue reading »

Sep 012000

The 1999 Election Campaign Lloyd Walker – “I Have Seen the Enemy; Fp’s campaign against politically correct thought control; The 1999 Ontario General Election Campaign; Elijah Elieff launches $1.3 million lawsuit against those he holds responsible for the loss of his (former) Cheyenne Ave. apartment buildings; The phenomenally successful ISIL Conference in London; plus Letters to Fp! Continue reading »

Jun 011998

The Calgary Declaration Our readers speak! Feedback, good and bad; No room for freedom in Calgary Framework, Walker’s message to legislature; Roots of Change Conference urged to put freedom first!; Funds appeal launched for London landlord Elijah Elieff; Harris and Walker on proportional representation; Manning criticized for his theory of Confederation; Joe Armstrong visits Freedom Party; APEC publishes Leitch address to Freedom Party; Property Rights Dialogue; Flat Tax Advocates; Website draws visitors from around the world; Drug Laws; Racism; Education – Protesting the Protestors; …and much, much more! Continue reading »

Oct 011997

Evolutionary! Party leader Lloyd Walker; FP supports constitutional challenge to Canada’s drug laws; Monteith questions motives of prohibitionists; Judge rules ‘trivial’ freedoms not protected by Charter; Private meeting with Manning; Freedom of Speech under attack; APEC president Ron Leitch calls for grassroots action; Human Rights Commission is racists, says Metz; Freedom of Information ruling irrelevant in determination of information’s validity; PC’s referenda report ‘disappointing’, says Walker; ‘Nothing in it for politicians,’ says Pengelly, on welfare reform; Open-line radio show ‘Left-Right-Center’ launched on CJBK AM radio in London; Entire FP history now on line; Vaughan tests political waters. Continue reading »